The Soaring Eagles Annual Fund provides operating funds that support the ongoing work and programs of the school. It makes an immediate impact on the school by helping meet the increasing costs of educating our students.  It allows us to provide a WCS education to children from a broad spectrum of families, enriching the experience for all.

You can double or even triple the value of your gift if you or your spouse work for a company that offers a matching gift program.  Complete a matching gift form available through your company's employee benefits department and submit it to Warsaw Christian School along with your gift.  We'll take care of the rest; it's that easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Soaring Eagles Annual Fund money used?

A: All money raised for the Soaring Eagles Annual Fund goes into the operating budget. This means that it pays for the books in the library, soccer balls, music stands, salary of your favorite teacher, paintbrushes, clay in the art room, the computer lab and computer software, and much, much more.

Q: Why can’t the school pay for its operating costs with tuition and fee money?

A: Many families, for many reasons, need help in paying for the cost of a WCS education.  A careful evaluation process assures that families are given tuition discounts based upon their financial need.  This process allows WCS to enroll children from families of all economic levels.  The Soaring Eagles Fund assures that WCS will be able to maintain its high standards in all programs while providing tuition discounts to families that qualify.

Q: Why should I contribute to the Annual Scholarship Fund? 

A: Contributing to the Soaring Eagles Fund is one of the simplest and most important acts of support to help the school. Your gift, whether it is $25 or $25,000, will be important as we seek to maintain high standards of excellence in the programs we make available to families. Your support demonstrates your commitment to Christ-centered education for current students and future generations.

Q: What is the difference between annual giving and endowed giving?

A: Money from the Soaring Eagles Fund is used for annual operating expenses.  Endowed gifts are invested to provide future streams of income for specific projects. The Soaring Eagles Fund helps us live.   Endowments help to ensure that WCS will live in the future.

Q: How much should we give?

A: It is hoped that parents and alumni will give as generously as possible to Warsaw Christian School. Every single gift, regardless of the amount, is valued. Even if families receive financial aid, it is hoped that they will make a gift in order to join in the common mission of demonstrating community support for the school.


There are also many other school events and programs that require volunteer and financial support; participation in any or all is greatly appreciated. The Soaring Eagles Fund is the core fundraising activity that provides an immediate and effective impact upon the WCS ministry.


To learn how your tax-deductible gift can make a difference in the lives of Warsaw Christian School students, contact Denise Hoyt, Director of Development, at 574.267.5788, ext. 3227 or e-mail

And remember, you can even donate online.  


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