Mission Statement

Warsaw Christian Preschool trains the whole child in body, mind, and spirit to be prepared for life and eternity by providing quality Christian education.

Warsaw Christian Preschool Is in Partnership with Parents
Warsaw Christian Preschool recognizes that parents are responsible before God for the instruction, training, and discipline of their children. Warsaw Christian Preschool seeks to assist each parent in meeting their responsibility in a rapidly changing world by providing curriculum, resources, and professional, Godly instruction.


Warsaw Christian Preschool Education is Biblically Integrated
Education is a quest for truth that builds a personal worldview. Warsaw Christian Preschool accepts the Biblical world view as correct and integrates the whole content and process of education with the Bible.


Warsaw Christian Preschool Is a Local Church Ministry
Warsaw Christian Preschool acknowledges that the local church is the instrument established by God for the completion of His program on earth. Warsaw Christian Preschool, a ministry of Community Grace Brethren Church, seeks to work in cooperation with local churches.


In our child-centered preschool, education involves the whole child and includes concern for the child's spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social development. Instruction and assessment are organized around the child's needs, interests, and learning styles. The process of learning, rather than what is learned, is emphasized.

Recent research reveals that preschool children learn best through active, hands-on teaching methods such as experimenting, exploring, discovering, trying out, and restructuring.

Warsaw Christian Preschool embraces the following principles and practices of developmentally appropriate practice:

  • Wholeness of the child

  • Active involvement

  • Interaction with adults and peers

  • Authentic experiences

  • Appropriate learning activities

  • Integrated curriculum

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Authentic assessment

Preschool is not a downward extension of traditional elementary education. It has its own curriculum, its own methods of classroom management, its own teacher training programs, AND its own methods of evaluation.

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