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Thank you for your interest in Warsaw Christian School!

If you and the school are in agreement philosophically, we believe you will find Warsaw Christian School to be a great investment in your child’s education and future that will render dividends today, tomorrow and eternally.  We WELCOME YOU to begin the application process.

To streamline the registration process, first print out the "Welcome Letter" and the "Application Checklist" forms.  Use it as a guide in completing the required information needed to complete Part I of the admissions process.   Be sure to go to the correct Registration section below.

We are an Indiana Choice Voucher school for families who meet the State requirements.  Also, financial aid is available to families in K-6th.  Please see the Financial Aid page for more info.

New Families Admissions Process Part I, K - 6th

Once all the required information has been received from the list on the Admission Process Part I, a determination by the administrator will be made whether of not to continue the registration process.

Preschool Only - Admissions Forms

Warsaw Christian School has a policy of non-discrimination.  Consistent with the truth that the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ extends without partiality to all mankind, WCS accepts pupils for admission regardless of sex, race, nationality and ethnic origin or background.   All families are encouraged to be active in fellowship with a Bible-believing church.