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At Warsaw Christian School we are dedicated to making sure you thrive academically, socially, physically, and spiritually no matter your age. You'll be sure to discover whom you are meant to be in a positive and uplifting environment with teachers who care for your individual needs and desires.

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Highest-Ranking Elementary School in Kosciusko County (by the state of Indiana)

ACSI Accredited 


We strive for excellence in Christian education by partnering with Christian parents in meeting students' needs.  Our school is an extension of Christian family life, and we take seriously our obligation to be partners with parents in providing the best possible education for our students.

"We really want our students to understand that God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.  He's not just the God of Sunday, He's not just the God of chapel, He's not just the God of Bible class, or of praying before we eat. He is really why we study math, He's why we study English, and He is why we study Social Studies." Doug Buller, Administrator


God-centered worldview that will involve excellence in academics and a spiritual focus. We stand ready to be a partner with you in preparing your child for life and eternity.


Athletics is a means to an end, not the end in itself. We recognize that athletics serves as one aspect of the educational program and is not the main focus.


God has given individuals the unique ability of expression through art, music and theater. We provide opportunities for students to explore their God-given gifts that can be used to glorify God.


A place of worship, praise and study of God's word. We gather together as a family weekly to celebrate God's goodness and grow in the knowledge of the Lord. 


Kids just like you love it here!

"I love Warsaw Christian because all the teachers are Christians and they add God in everything all day."

"At Warsaw Christian the teachers encourage you to talk about God and pray.  We also share what God has done in our lives weekly.  My teacher prays for me."

"Warsaw Christian School is an amazing school because it has a safe Christian environment. It has amazing, kind, caring teachers that always help you. Everyone is very friendly and accepting. I feel like I have learned so much spiritually and academically."

"I love math and my teacher helps me to learn how to do it even when I get stuck.  I like to go on field trips and I am also learning how to read.  Art class is one of my favorite times of the week.   I like to pray with my class too."

"Warsaw Christian is a place where God becomes a part of your life more and more each day. I am so glad to go to this school. The teachers care about me."


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