Parent Teacher Fellowship -PTF
It is the purpose of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship of the Warsaw Christian School to be a service organization of the school. The P.T.F. has no autonomous existence or authority. As a service organization the Parent-Teacher Fellowship should freely explore all appropriate means to fulfill its objectives (as indicated in Article III of the constitution), but its organization structure, decisions, and activities shall always be subject to the action of the school board which is elected by the Community Grace Brethren Church and is responsible for the oversight of all business and educational affairs of the school.

The membership of this organization shall consist of parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators associated with the Warsaw Christian School who demonstrate their desire for membership by expressing interest in furthering the objectives of WCS.

An officer shall be a parent or guardian of a child attending Warsaw Christian School or a teacher in the said school and shall be a member of this organization. He must have accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He shall be an active member of a church and he must demonstrate spiritual leadership. He must be willing to assume the responsibilities of his office. All nominees for officers are to be approved before election by the School Board. The officers of this organization are responsible for all activities sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Fellowship of Warsaw Christian School.