Mrs. Boren's Preschool 4 Class

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Warsaw Christian Preschool

Noah's Ark Preschool  is a full program with activities that engage the whole child.
Our preschool  program offers two options:
3 Day Program - Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 8:30am to 11:30am.
5 Day Program - Meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:30am to 11:30am.
Our goal is to provide an environment and program consistent with the highest standards which allow each child to develop to their maximum potential. Some of the highlights of our program are:

Math - Problem solving, Measuring, Patterning, Sorting, Estimating, Number Identification, Money and Graphing.

Language - Phonemic awareness, Letters and sounds, learning alphabet through animal puppets, Story reading and Finger plays.

Science - Characteristics of animal families, Insects, Seeds, How animals survive winter, Nutrition, Food Pyramid, Water experiments and Seasons.
Bible – Bible stories, Character building through Biblical principles, Missions, Memorization of Bible verses.
Fine Motor Skills – Cutting, gluing, writing, coloring, sewing, etc.
Physical Education – At the preschool level the focus of physical education is development of motor skills, manipulative skills, and stability (balance). In addition to this, following directions and getting along with others is also stressed.
Music - The Preschool music program consists of: singing simple songs to encourage & develop pitch matching, the distinction of high, low, fast, slow, same, different, rhythm to basic beat patterns, develop rhythmic control, movement activities to encourage motor skill development, playing rhythm instruments.

Art – Painting, drawing, weaving, constructions, etc.
Field Trips and Special Event days and much more!