In the child-centered preschool, education involves the whole child and includes concern for the child's spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social development. Instruction and assessment are organized around the child's needs, interests, and learning styles. The process of learning, rather than what is learned, is emphasized.

Recent research reveals that preschool children learn best through active, hands-on teaching methods such as experimenting, exploring, discovering, trying out, and restructuring.

Warsaw Christian Preschool embraces the following principles and practices of developmentally appropriate practice:

Wholeness of the child
Active involvement
Interaction with adults and peers
Authentic experiences
Appropriate learning activities
Integrated curriculum
Intrinsic motivation
Authentic assessment

Preschool is not a downward extension of traditional elementary education. It has its own curriculum, its own methods of classroom management, its own teacher-training programs AND its own methods of evaluation.