Welcome to the Library 2017-2018 School Year!!

I am excited about the fun things planned for this year and serving our students!
Book Bucks
I will be giving “Book Bucks” for students who have returned all library items on time. We will have the “Book Buck Store” at the end of each grading period.
Yellow slips will be given to students this year who have disobeyed the library rules. They will fill out two slips (one slip for the librarian and one for the classroom teacher). Appropriate classroom consequences will be given.
Library Schedule
Monday Library is closed
Tuesday Library is open from 8:30-1:00
Wednesday 10:20-11:05 – 5th grade Mrs. Tadesse
1:00-1:40 – 2nd grade Miss Lohnes
1:50-2:25 – 1st grade Miss McQuade
2:40-3:10 – K Miss Pityer
Thursday 11:10-11:55 – 4th grade Mrs. Nifong
12:55-1:40 – 6th grade Mrs. Rosswurm
2:30-3:15 – 3rd grade Miss Serafino
Friday 8:50-9:30 – 2nd grade Mrs. Gervasi
10:20 – 11:05 – 5th grade Miss Bowdler
11:10 – 11:55 – 4th grade Mrs. Dingeldein
1:00-1:35 – 1st grade Mrs. Danielian
Returning Items
Please remind students to bring library items back on their scheduled library day. If they are absent on their library day the items are automatically renewed for one week. Grades 1-6 are fined 25₵ per item per week. Fines are not due until items are returned. Grace is given if items are back before 9:00 Monday or Tuesday morning. For repeat overdue offenses the student may be asked to keep their library items in the classroom. Kindergarten students are not fined.
Items allowed for each grade level
All grades: 1 DVD, 1 VHS, 2 magazines, 1 CD set
Kindergarten: 4 items
1st grade: 6 items
2nd – 6th grade: 8 items
Mrs. Witte

Library Spring-Break Contest

Reading in a most Most Unusual Place!

The 1st place winner of the Spring Break Reading Contest  is Corbin Sponseller!  Congratulatons Corbin!!
Library News!
Here is a little update from the Lovely Lower Level:
Not sure what you think about Media Lab, but I thought it went well. It’s nice to have feedback. What we have done right, or what we can do better.
5th, 4th, 3L, 1st, and K had perfect returns this past week! Way to go!! 3S only had one overdue.
I’m hoping WACD can get WCS Library on the computers in the lab so I can show the students how to search for book titles. There is also new September news. I give a book buck to the student who can answer the question in the news first.
First Grade will celebrate Rey Day on September 13th. This is in honor of H.A. Rey’s creation of the Curious George books. If Hans Augusto was still alive he would be celebrating his 120th birthday on September 16th!!

Grandparents' Day!

Fun in the Library!