Welcome to the Library 2014-2015 School Year!!

Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers:
Welcome back! I look forward to serving your children in the library. I am excited about the fun things planned for this year: Grandparent’s Day Book Sale (October 3), Old and Ugly Contest, Library Limericks, Book Exchange, and the TinCaps Reading Program. Here are a few reminders:
Book Bucks:
I will be giving “Book Bucks” for students who have returned all library items on time. We will have the “Book Buck Store” at the end of each grading period. If you come across any little toy or trinket for the Book Buck Store I will gladly take your donations. J Students are responsible for taking care of their own bucks unless the teacher decides otherwise. I will provide an envelope for each student. Students can keep that envelope in their AR (reading) folder. Students are to bring their AR folder to library class.
Yellow slips will be given to students who have disobeyed the library rules. They will fill out two slips for each offense (one slip for the librarian and one for the classroom teacher). Appropriate classroom consequences will be given.
Returning Items:
Please remind your child to bring their library items back on their scheduled library day. If they are absent on their library day the items are automatically renewed for one week. Fines are not due until items are returned (K students will not be fined; 1st-6th are fined 25¢ per item per week). Students must have their library item with them to renew, otherwise it will be late. Grace is given that week if items are back before 9:00 Friday morning. Overdue notices will go out by email on Fridays. *For repeated overdue offenses the student may be asked to keep their library items in the classroom.*
Items allowed for each grade level:
All grades: 1 DVD, 1 VHS, 2 magazines, 1 CD set
Kindergarten: 4 items
1st grade: 6 items
2nd – 6th grade: 8 items
I’m looking forward to getting your child excited about reading.
Mrs. Witte                                                                                                 

Library News

Zeus, the BIG BLACK DOG made its way to **Miss Bowdler’s 5th grade** classroom this week. Way to go!! Keep up the good work. I must say that Miss Bowdler has some great readers in her class. **Mrs. Dingeldein’s fourth grade**class was a close second with only one overdue item.

February 27th is the big day for Read the Most from Coast to Coast and it will be here before you know it. I hope you have big plans for your classroom. If you have registered you will not receive a packet in the mail like previous years. Please register because you will be in a drawing for prizes. That would be super cool if someone from Warsaw Christian School won a prize. Teachers, there are a lot of great downloads on the website for your classroom. Bookmarks, posters, parent letters, certificates, etc.

The aluminum can collection will end on Friday, February 13th. Second grade is ahead with 28 pounds. Wow!

Buster the Bookworm snuck into 2G this week. Way to go Mrs. Gervasi’s second grade class!!  No overdue items and no fines.










Congratulations to Mrs. Boren’s Kindergarten class for only one overdue!


"Lula", the newest additon to the Library!

Thanks to Lexi Martinez we have a new – fantabulous – bookworm for the library.  It is so cute!! Lexi named her for us and it is “Lula.” Lula the Library Worm (I think she is actually a centipede)!! I’m so excited. Thank you, Lexi!!

TinCaps Reading Program

Presented by Lounge Optical
Beginning date: January 12 Ending date: March 13
Warsaw Christian School Students K-6


For the parent or guardian of a student participating in the Fort Wayne TinCaps Reading program:
Warsaw Christian School is going to participate in the TinCaps Reading Incentive Program during the 3rd grading period. The students will have the opportunity to improve his or her reading skills while earning a surprise gift and a ticket to a TinCaps baseball game. I want to fill you in on a few details for the program.  The kick-off day is Monday, January 12th. The TinCaps Reading Program is divided into four segments representing a “base” on the baseball field. When a student completes a segment they will advance to the next base. The goal is to “hit a home run.”  Please see the game plan guidelines below:
Grades K-1 should do the following for each base:
First Base - (Jan. 12-Jan. 23) - Sprint to 1st base – Listen to 5 books and send in the verification form
Second Base – (Jan. 26-Feb. 6) - Dash to 2nd – Read 2 books to an adult and send in the verification form
Third Base - (Feb. 9-Feb. 20) - Hustle to 3rd–Read 5 books to an adult and send in the verification form
Home Plate – (Feb. 23-Mar. 13) – Slide into home - Read 1 book about a sport and write 1-2 sentences about the sport (staple the paper with the sentences to the verification form)
Grades 2-6 should do the following for each base:
Complete their regular AR points for the grading period. Teachers will keep track of their progress using a chart in the classroom. No verification slips are needed.
Students will receive a ticket order form when (if) they have completed the requirements for all the bases and have reached home plate. DO NOT photocopy the Ticket Order forms as copies will NOT be accepted. ONE form per student. You may order more tickets for the rest of your family on the order form (the free ticket is ONLY for the student who participates). In order for the students to be seated together with Warsaw Christian School, all ticket order forms must be brought back to your child’s teacher or the school office before, but no later than, Monday March 23th, no exceptions (sorry). After the forms are received the actual tickets from the TinCaps office will be distributed approximately a week before the game date.
So, upon completion (Home Run!!) students will receive a free ticket to the TinCaps baseball game which is scheduled for Friday, May 8th at 7:05 p.m. We will sit together and the students will receive a free hot dog, chips, soft drink and a surprise gift.
If you have further questions please call or email me.
Lois Witte
WCS Librarian


Fun in the Library!

Library Leaks

Did you hear shouts of joy heralding from the basement? Miss Bedford’s third grade class had perfect library returns!!  So thankful. Way to go 3rd grade. Sixth grade was a close second with one overdue item.

Please mark your calendar for Friday, February 27, 2015. It’s the fourth annual event for Read the Most from Coast to Coast. A fun time for classes to read and test AR like crazy. The event celebrates reading and gets students involved in something big. This year there is an exciting new activity planned, so stay tuned for more information. If you want to register for details and free downloads go to

The number of quizzes taken in spring of 2014 nationally was 4,987,949.

Grades 4-6 are participating in the Design a Book cover in December contest. This is where a student creates a cover for a  plain jane book in our library. All covered books will be placed in the library, however there will be a 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd place winner. Rough draft is due Dec. 12 and the final cover is due the 19th.

Have a wonderful weekend. I love this song:

Mrs. Lois Witte