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    Please read the WCS Acceptable Policy above for Computer Lab and print out and sign the Student Account Access Agreement page and have your child return it to Mrs. Buller in the Computer Lab.

Computer Lab 

In Computer Lab students are reminded how important it is to communicate the Word of God to others. One tool we can use is the computer. By using the various programs, we can learn to share Christ with others, be encouragers, receive and get prayer requests, etc.

Computer Lab is offered to Kindergarten through 6th grade. In Kindergarten, the children learn to use the computer by using the Kid Pix software. Grades 1-6 are taught using the Microsoft Word suite of software—Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint. Even though the same applications may be covered in different grades, the skills in the applications are developed at a higher level.

The curriculum is cross-curricular. In other words, the various modules (projects) are designed to not only teach Technology Skills, but also to reinforce other academic areas, i.e. Reading, Spelling, Writing, English, Social Studies, Geography, Math, Science, Health and Art.


Computer Lab

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